Weird Modal Behaviour


I have tried adding a table that has a field with JSON data, and each row has an Edit Modal, which displays the data from the row in a JSON Editor component.

However, every time I select a new row the previous data will be displayed, and the second time will display the correct data. I have noticed this only for the JSON data, the strings from the table which I display in a Text Input work fine.

The behaviour sounds similar to this, which you marked as a bug: Strange behavior on Confirmation Modal

Also, in the right side, where the data input is, the correct data appears but the wrong one is displayed:

What can I do to fix this? Thank you in advance!

Hi @Florentina_Tache

Thanks for reaching out!

One option is to use a transformer, similar to the linked convo, but it will display the wrong data first & then refactor to the correct data shortly after

I would recommend actually using a column type of Button, instead of a modal type. Then, I would trigger a query on click. The query would select the row & open a separate modal component that is hidden on the canvas, as described in this workaround