Weird Form Behavioral | Bug

I have some weird issue and I can't manage to solve.

I have a app with a container, where user chooses a bunch of fields.
In practice, these fields are aimed at generating an email template to send out.
This "Payment Request Form" has a "Prepare Email" button, which triggers some Stripe API calls (generating invoice, link for payment, customer and so on).

Another text box I have, which is a "form" component, is, with dynamic fields, preparing the email template. This is the "Payment Request Email Generator".

Now, while the user is choosing the fields from the "Payment Request Form", the email template is generating the text - so far so good.

When I click the "Prepare Email", the "Payment Request Email Generator" disappears. All the contents, it just becomes blank.

Now, when I go back to the "Payment Request Form" and change a field, the text appears again.

I don't know why, what's the issue.

Any idea?

Some screenshots attached.

  1. The two forms, and the generated email.
  2. What happens once I click "Generate Email".
  3. How everything returns once I change one of the fields on the "Payment Request Form".

Thanks in advance,


Hi @Dori_Fussmann

Thanks for reaching out! This is quite strange :thinking: Any chance you can send an export of the app? Exports don't have any resource query data, but hopefully with the setup I can sort out why this is happening :crossed_fingers:

ClearPayPath _ Dashboard.json (78.2 KB)

Sure! attached

Hi @Dori_Fussmann

Thanks so much! It looks like the Stripe_Create_Invoice query has a success handler which sets the Payment_Request_Email to be an empty string, overriding any previous values:

Any chance you can remove that event handler or add the desired value for Payment_Request_Email in the value field?