Webhook Verification

Greetings, I am attempting to set up a webook from Keap to trigger a workflow but Keap requires webhooks to be verified. Is the header read/response requirement below even possible?

To receive hooks, you'll first need to subscribe to events one at a time and individually verify each subscription.

This operation is used to create hook subscriptions. During this process, Infusionsoft will attempt to verify your subscription. Continue reading to learn how that works.

To verify or reactivate a hook subscription, Infusionsoft will make a POST request with a temporary secret to the hookUrl you provided during creation. The secret is passed as the value of a header named X-Hook-Secret. Your response to that POST must have a status code of 200 and return the same X-Hook-Secret header and value pair. Once you've done that, you'll begin receiving hooks. Don't worry if verification fails; you can always request another verification attempt.

I am able to access startTrigger.headers (headers does not autocomplete). When attempting to get a specific header, startTrigger.headers.host works fine and I can get it's value but anything with a dash in it does not. Is there a way to escape this? I've tried standard slash escaping..




For anyone else that needs this, above is the way.

Now that I've captured the secret, am having trouble with returning it in the response headers. @Tess do you have any suggestions?


Chiming in here! You can't yet customize headers in the response block, but we have an internal request for this :slight_smile: Will keep this thread updated!