Web app building a create api and

I am creating a web app to onboard clients - there is an api I am using to create the data - I want to show the response of the creation both success and failure.

I believe I need to create a table for this and the hook up the table to the form I am creating to call the api. I guess the table will hold the response of the api?

I have the api resource set. I mapped for form fields to the api call in raw {{variable}} placeholders but I am not sure of the setup on the table (see image)

basically the table columns are mapped to the form using
{{ create_legal_entity_form.data.legalName }} syntax for the value - assuming I successfully create the entity and I have the response field mapped correctly - is this the right way to get the response to show the user when they create a legal entity? Or is there some other way of doing this like success handlers:


Hey @agellene! This should definitely be doable with Retool. To double check, do you have your table currently set up to hold your API successes/failures?

For your question re: showing the user, do you mean something like passing in the current user to your table? You can pass along the {{ current_user }} property, which comes with sub-properties like {{ current_user.email }} or {{ current_user.firstName }}.