Wrong version click through from main page

I have shared seats with some of our users and when they arrive to our Retool instance, they cannot navigate to the latest version for one of our dashboards. Here are the steps:

  1. Navigate to the main site with all the Apps (favorites, folders, etc)
  2. Click on one of the apps. It will navigate to the wrong version, the previous version.
  3. The link that has releaseVersion=latest within it's query parameters is the latest version.

What is frustrating is that I cannot directly go the latest version of the app unless I have the link that has the above mentioned parameter. Can anyone help with this issue? I don't want to post app screenshots here but I can happily provide resources to Retool managers.

Hi @Jay_Yu, if we have Releases enabled, we must publish the release for our users to be able to see the newest version without the releaseVersion url param.

For example,

This App has the massive green green button on v0.1.4, but v0.1.3 is Live (published). So when users go the app they only see what is on v0.1.3:

However, if they add the query param releaseVersion=latest, they can see what is on v0.1.4 because that is the latest (although is not published).

This can also happen if you had a Business/Enterprise trial where you published a release before the plan expired and then lost access to the feature. If this is the case, we'll be happy to help you recover the state of your app.

Paulo thanks!

For anyone else, what Paulo says is correct but my additional tip is to assume that publishing releases is based on current changes and not the release changes. For example, I am working on version 1.0 and I have "published it". I created a new version 1.1 and I created it directly after publishing v1.0. However, this is not the expected behavior as v1.1 will only have the code relevant to v1.0. In order to make updates, you must wait until you made code changes and then release v1.1.
In other words:
Create new app > publish v1.0 > make changes > publish v1.1 > make changes publish v1.2.
Any changes you make will not reflect to Retool users until you publish the changes to a new version. Hope that clears any confusion!

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You are welcome, and thank you for expanding on the releases workflow! :slightly_smiling_face: