Vectors - Site URLs crawling not fetching

Running into an issue with the recent latest Edge release (3.44.0) where it appears the instance is not performing any actual site crawling to obtain URL data.

The steps to enable vector was done on an external database, and can confirm its working with documents as it parsed the document data and performed embedding fine. But when starting a site crawl instead, it doesn't appear to actually show any progress crawling through urls like it would on the Retool Cloud instances.

Hosting this locally and can confirm its accessible to the internet. Looking through the activity logs in the instance it shows its initiating api calls, but beyond that no activity appears to be happening. And on database end can confirm nothing is populating the db table for the vector project/job itself.

Wondering if anyone had similar issue or any tips in regards to this? Any input would be appreciated.

Version again being used is 3.44 Edge.

Hey Danny,

Apologies for the wait. I saw you commented on another topic with a marked solution. Did this resolve your issue?