Value in select dropdown rendering incorrectly

When supplying a field data source I am comparing values to use different data...
{{teamTable.selectedRow.employee_id_type === 'harvest_id'...}} where 'harvest_id' is in the query data as written
but when applying the same logic in the value field the following needs to be written as
{{ teamTable.selectedRow.employee_id_type === 'Harvest Id'...}}

This isn't selectedSourceRow vs selectedRow ?

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You are correct - thank you!

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So speedy @matth ! @ScottR @matth Thank you both for sharing this question and answer so others can find it too :sparkles:

In the docs I noticed that a distinction between selectedRow and selectedSourceROW is around how selectedSourceRow "Excludes mapped values or custom columns that are not present in the source data." So that'll be the raw value in the data source and doesn't include mapped values or custom columns.