utils.downloadPage not working


I've a problem with utils.downloadPage, when I try to download the document, it only downloads a screenshot of what I can see at that moment, not the whole document.

this problem happens only now, in the past it has not given me any problems (same configuration).

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Maybe the api is updated?

Here is docs.

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utils.downloadPage("file1", { fullscreen:true, componentsToExclude:['daterangepicker1']})
i've this, and its not working :frowning:

@Javier_Castro Thanks for reporting -- this was a bug with our new frames editor experience and has since been fixed. Please let us know if you are still encountering any issues.

I think I'm also experiencing this issue or something related. I'm using utils.downloadPage but I have quite a long page and it cuts off the last half. I tried using the componentsToInclude: ['Header', 'Main'] option but it doesn't work with that option. Any recommendations?

Hi @jblaze, utils.downloadPage should be downloading a PDF of your entire page. Is this still happening to you? Is it happening in edit mode or viewer mode?

Feel free to DM me or send me a JSON of your file.

@AnnaW it still happens in edit and viewer mode. I'd be down to send you a JSON, but I don't see how to DM or contact you.

This has been resolved! Closing the thread, thanks all for the report.

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