Utilise Retool's two-factor authentication checks in apps

Hey team,

I was wondering if it might be possible to add some functionality to allow us to trigger another Retool 2FA verification before allowing an action to proceed in an app?

One of our customer support apps that we are building will deals with some extra sensitive customer information. Our security team has asked us to require an extra 2FA check each time someone tries to access this data.

While we could build our own custom flow for this, we already require all of our Retool users to have two-factor authentication enabled, so it would be much smoother if we could trigger the 2FA check via Retool's Auth flows.

Keen to hear if this is something that could be supported :pray:

Just replying to share that I received a response about this over email, and it's currently not possibly to trigger a 2FA verification check from within apps in Retool