Using the JWTs from the auth flow in resources


We have SSO set up on our account, and I am trying to follow the documentation on how to use the JWTs obtained from the auth flow in resources.

I have created a new resource, using %USER_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN% as the Authorization Bearer token in my rest api request.

However, when I use that resource, the placeholder %USER_OAUTH2_ACCESS_TOKEN% does not get replaced with the token.

Capture d’écran 2022-01-26 à 15.35.24

What am I missing in this set up to make this work?

Thank you.

Hi @impala-eli - welcome to our community forum! Thanks for posting your question. Are you still running into this? If so, are you using the on premise (self-hosted) version of Retool, with Generic OpenID set up for the user logins? This only works in that scenario.


We figured out the issue. We are using an on-premise version of Retool, but were not using OpenID Connect. Once we upgraded our version of retool and moved to use OpenId connect, everything worked.

Thank you!