Using invoice2data python module in workflow

Hello Retool community,

for one of my workflows, I would need to read information from invoices which I receive in PDF format.
In Python, I found the module "invoice2data" now which covers exactly this topic, but isn't available in Retool from what I've seen.
In some other thread, I saw the developer team enabling the usage of some other module for the respective requesting user. Thus, it would be great, if that could be done here as well.
If there is any simpler solution for my need, I am also very happy to be enlighted:)

Thanks in advance!

Last I saw, you can DM @tanay-retool to get access to the custom libraries beta and then you should be able to add the library:

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Hey @hahni as @jg80 mentioned this should be possible with custom Python libraries. It looks to be enabled for your org, so let me know if you are having any issues adding that library. Thanks!