Use IAM Role for AWS Athena access instead of api keys

Requesting the ability to use an AWS IAM Role for Athena auth when Retool is being ran on IAM aware platforms, such as EC2 or EKS.

This feature would be helpful because it would alleviate me from having to create an IAM User and manage their API keys. It would allow me to manage Retool's authentication to Athena in a modern fashion that is in-line with AWS best practices.


Just to close the loop on an old thread here, self-hosted Retool instances running in AWS have been able to leverage the default credential provider chain for a while now! So whether you apply an IAM role directly to an EC2 instance, to a Kubernetes service account with EKS, etc., Retool resources like S3, Athena, RedShift, DynamoDB, and RDS DBs can leverage the applied role to access your AWS resources :smiley: