Use GSheets as a Template to be filled by users, instead of downloading/uploading CSV

Hi, I have an app that currently works by allowing users to download a CSV template, then the user is supposed to fill it using Excel etc, and then upload it back to my app for processing - that works as intended.

Now my boss wants me to replace the CSV method with GSheets - and I'm not sure how to make it work.

  • I could associate a Sheet with my app and make it publicly accessible, but then there would be collisions when more than one user tries to access it at the same time. Also, the data would be visible between them.
  • I thought of creating a new Sheet for each run of my app, let user use it, and then delete it after they submit, but first roadblock is how to share that sheet programmatically with that user seamlessly after it's created. Also I'm not sure if rest of the process would work as intended through Retool.

Please help?