Use event handler to hid or disable component

Hi there

I want to use an event handler to create an event that hide or disable a component based on one or more selected values of another component eg. a select component. How is this done.

Can you share a screenshot and some code of what you have set up and want to achieve?

Sure. :slight_smile:
I have a simple userinterface that loades sale and customer data into my form.
I want to use the event handler to change the form components based on user input in the form. More specific I want the select components "B" and "C" to hide or disable if the user select a specific value from select component "A"

IN components b and c add logic in the hidden field like:

{{selectcomponentA.value === 'something'}}

Below I hide Field B when Option 1 is selected and Hide Field C when Option 2 is selected