Use env vars to configure Source Control

I have a simple Retool setup via Helm Chart on my K8S cluster, then followed steps to create GitHub App and I am able to successfully test a connection manually from Retool > Configuration > Source Control.

Instead of manually setting GitHub App via UI, I want to use environment variables to automate the install.

The GitHub Quickstart is clear on GITHUB_APP_ID, GITHUB_APP_INSTALLATION_ID, and GITHUB_APP_PRIVATE_KEY - which are correctly populating on Source Control.

However, there is no documentation on what environment variables to map GitHub Owner, Repo, and Branch which are mandatory fields. I looked in Env Vars Documentation and on the API Docs.

I tried guessing GITHUB_ORG, GITHUB_OWNER, etc, with no luck.

Any leads would be appreciated.

Hey @rodolfoacevedordz, those values were never set up to be derived from environment variables which is why there isn't any documentation on them. You'll have to add those values manually in the UI after the instance is up and running.

You can use the API to create the source control configuration as you noticed, but this process does not use any environment variables.