URL with `@` opens mail app

I have a table with a column for googlemaps url like this: Google Maps

I made this columntype as link.
Screen Shot 2023-01-17 at 19.29.24

But when I click "Open link", it opens the mail app in Mac. Im thinking this due to @ as part of url and converts the action as mailto.

This solution doesn't work for me: Have a "Link" column in a table but show the name of the link instead of the URL

did you make sure you were in column type "HTML"?
I've just given it a try and it worked fine (where I had the same issue as you when I had it as a column type of "link"

<a href= "{{currentRow.url}}" target="_blank">

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This one worked

<a href= "{{self}}" target="_blank">

glad it worked!