Uploading pdfs to table


I am new to Retool and I couldn't find a resource/forum thread for the issue I have:

I created a form intake to append my table (works well) and would like to add a file upload (PDF) functionality so I can then easily store and retrieve PDFs from my table. Could you please indicate the steps to follow?

P.S: My Retool Storage query works (file is correctly uploaded) but can't manage to store the pdf url in my table

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Have you read through the following:

Hi Scott,

Thanks for your message.

Yes I read through this Doc but I can't find a way to tie a pdf to a specific ID in my table to store it accordingly and later retrieve it if needed.

Let me know if that makes sense.


So you have yet to upload any files, or you have but cannot get the URL for each file in the table component?
Can you share some screenshots?

I am able to upload the file to Retool Storage but cannot get the URL for each file in the table component and make sure that each URL is tied to the right ID at form submission.

I shared 3 screenshots below including:

  1. Form + upload file query
  2. Table component + append data query
  3. Error message when I try to submit the form

What does the Data source look like used for the table?

It's a simple google sheet

I am sorry, I mean for the table component, if you are getting the data for the table from the sheet it will not contain the file information you uploaded into the Retool storage....assuming it was never there

Yes correct, I will also need to update existing rows with associated urls manually I suppose?

OK so still trying to understand.

  1. Get data from Google sheet and display it in table.
  2. Select row in table and populate form with selected row data and add a new field to upload an associated pdf with that row.
  3. When form is update...
    1. Is Google sheet updated with file name?
    2. Is file uploaded to retool storage?
  4. if 3.1 is true, then turning the name of the file in the table to a link can be done because there is a default link/file path as noted in the Retool docs I posted above.
  5. If 3.1 is not true... I need more information.... :slight_smile:

Yes flow is correct (3.1/3.2 included), do you happen to know how to generate this file name path?

Hey @ScottR, any idea? Alternatively, do you know someone we could add to this thread that could help? Thanks!

In the docs there is this:
your-org.retool.com/files assuming another backslash like /yourfileNameHere