Upload image file to Graphql API using Rest API multipart form data


I was trying to upload an image file to my Graphql API, and since multipart doesn't work with the GraphQL resource, I've tried to do this using the Rest API resource instead and making a POST request to my Graphql API.

This is what the request looks like:

But it give an error: "failed to parse multipart form"

Hey @rose!

Do you have a working call to your GraphQL API from something like Postman that we might use for reference?

As a note - when you select the "Form Data" type Retool will automatically set the content-type header with multipart/form-data and the boundary.

You might try removing the header you've set in the query settings and see if that works.

It's also on the dev team's radar to include support for uploading files with the GraphQL integration, I'll let you know here when the feature is included.