Upload Heavy video file showing error, {"status":413,"message":""}

Hi Everyone,

I am using file picker to upload video on Vimeo by rest api, and its proper working when I upload smaller size video like 10 mb.
After selecting 20-100 Mb file always getting status 413.

When i am uploading through Postman its successfully uploaded 80Mb file. In retool it's not upload.

Can anyone suggest any solution what's the exact issue and how I will resolve it.

Hmmmm I believe the payloads are capped at 100MB, so I'm not sure why this would be failing. Is there any message attached to the error?

This is showing when API hit

I see. Is this an internal API? How are you packaging the files?

No, It's a third party API and it can upload it in binary file format.

are you able to share the API? or share a screenshot of the query in Retool/postman?

I'm also hitting this error when trying to upload a ~40MB PDF via a PUT. The upload works outside of Retool

Any update on this? Happening for me also for a 84MB video @ben

I misspoke on this 🤦! The max body size for requests in Retool hosted (cloud) instances is actually 40mb.

@ben I am running into the same issue but on our on-premise installation.

I am trying to insert 4'000 records stored in Retool memory to our Google cloud hosted PostgreSQL DB and it fails with the error message: {"status":413,"message":""}

  1. What is the max body size for requests in the on-premise installation?
  2. Can the max body size for an on-premise installation be changed by configuration somehow?

I don't think there is any logical reason to have a max body size for an on-premise installation. Do you see any reason for this? If not and if there is no configuration to change it, I would open a feature request.

Hi @Reboon

There isn't a max body size for on-premise installations. This is limit is applied at the networking level (I believe the nginx default is 1 MB), so if you're using a load balancer or a proxy, I would check and see if the limit is being applied there.