Upload files to Drive API using File Dropzone component value

I have the fileDropzone component and would like to upload the file using the Google Drive API. The API is setup and functional, and a file is created in my drive with the correct mimetype. However, there is some issue with the base64Data or the body that I cannot figure out. The file in my drive is not actually converted into the filetype, and when downloaded is just the base64Data string.

I am following the Simple Upload instructions here: Caricare i dati del file  |  Google Drive  |  Google for Developers

I have read the Retool article on uploading to the drive API, but they are only creating a Document file with a string of text and not uploading files from the Dropzone component. I have tried using atob() and other methods of encoding the base64Data. Google's documentation only reads, "Add the file's data to the request body." I am sure there is a simple fix to this problem but I can't find it!

Request success:

File in drive but cannot be read:
Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 12.35.35 PM

Please, this is a cry for help!

Hey @Austin, have you tried putting the entire file object there in the body vs just the base64 data?

ie using `{{ fileDropzone1.value[0] }}'

If that doesn't work, let me know what you see in the downloaded file when you do that or feel free to swing by our office hours and we can take a look live.