Upload and parse CSV tutorial needs to be updated

Followed the tutorial here: https://docs.retool.com/docs/insert-csvs-into-a-database and used the csv linked in the tutorial only to find that the filepicker parsing created a 2d array.

If this is the default behaviour, then the tutorial should say {{filepicker1.parsedValue[0]}}

Hey @dsottimano and welcome to the forum! I just went through the tutorial with a normal CSV, and it was a 1D array (so .parsedValue worked correctly without indexing the array). Is there anything unique about your CSV that might cause the FilePicker to nest the array a level deeper?

Hey Justin, I actually used the csv linked in the doc: https://cdn.tryretool.com/docs/books.csv.

I also tried creating a new csv with 1 column and had the same issue. Weird.

Super weird, it’s working fine for me with books.csv. What browser / machine are you on?