Update row from form

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I am working with the Retool DB, but I can't find a way to update a row when I submit a form.

So what I am trying to do:
I have a form that gets populated with data with the selectedrow function.
With this form I want to change certain data in that row, when I click on submit the row needs to be updated.

What I tried:
Making a new Query and give it the Action type: Update an existing record. With the changeset, I selected the columns and gave the form's data. But it doesn't update a thing in the row. What am I doing wrong here? Would like to get some feedback. Attached is the screenshot of the things.

Hey @tom_vos12! You need to use the "Filter by" section in your update_row query to specify which row you want to update. Your get_data query should include the id field, and this should be passed to your table (it's fine if you choose to hide the id column). Then your update_row query's "Filter by" section would be id = {{yourTable.selectedRow.data.id}}

I hope this helps!


Thanks a lot! That helped a lot!

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