How do I change a specific cell in a table via a form?

New to retool but raring to learn.
Recently, I was trying to create a dashboard that would allow a user to approve / reject rows in a table based on an input in a form. I know that this resource clarifies how to add new rows to a table via a form, but it doesn't seem to go into detail about how to selectively change individual cells through a form.

I know you can make columns editable within tables by changing the specific column type to a text input column type, but the person I am building this out for would prefer to do it via an Approve / Reject Radio buttongroup on a form.

Would love some assistance in understanding if this is possible, thanks!

Hi @alexhayden,

Yes, you can do this! A general approach is to reference the selected row of the table, and trigger an edit query via form submission, which then triggers a refresh of the original data:

If you have a table named table1, you can access the data of the selected row via the following syntax: {{ }}.
Using this, you can create a new query to modify the database, then refetch the data underlying the table. For instance, if you're using a SQL database query2 would send a SQL query to your database that looks like UPDATE myTable SET columnName = newValue WHERE id = {{ }}.

Make sure you add the initial data fetch query to evaluate under "On success trigger" - this ensures that the initial data fetch is re-run after you modify the data.

If you're using an API, or another database, you would do something similar to the above example - modify the underlying data then trigger a data re-fetch.

For more documentation around form creation, please refer here:
Let me know if you have any other questions!


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