Unicode texts: How to setup display components to correctly decode and display UTF-8 texts?


I'm running into encoding issues with Unicode text. The data is stored in Unicode in Azure Databricks and it is also received in UTF-8 encoding in Retool.

However, Retool display components are interpreting the UTF-8 bytestream with an 8-bit encoding. Value of "RAYMARLEY GÖLDNER" is displayed as "RAYMARLEY G��LDNER", for example. This makes it apparent that the data is received in UTF-8 from Databricks, since the Ö character is represented using 2 bytes and Basic ASCII using 1 byte.

I haven't found any settings to change the encoding, neither on Component nor on Application or Resource level. This is a big issue for my Retool applications.

Does anyone have the same issue and know to to resolve it?

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Check out this post:

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Thanks for the feedback, but that is not relevant to my issue. My data in Databricks is encoded in Unicode. (The linked post talks about getting MySQL properly configured to use Unicode.)

So either Retool misinterprets a UTF-8 bytestream using an 8-bit encoding; Or the JDBC connection transports the UTF-8 bystream wrongly declared as 8-bit like Latin1 (or doesn't mention encoding). I think it is the prior.