Typo in OAUTH2.0 Section

Not sure where to put this, but small typo in the OAuth2.0 section when adding a resource:

Missing a space - might trip some people up if copy and pasting this header :slight_smile:

Hi Joey!

Awesome catch—would you mind sharing a link to the doc that you found that in? I'll go ahead and add that space!

And in case you'd like to skip the middleman in the future, you should see a "Suggest Edits" button in the top right of every doc where you can fix typos for anyone here at Retool to merge in. :blush:

Ah! My bad. This is when configuring a resource w oauth2.0 authentication :slight_smile:

Not your bad at all :slight_smile: Found it! Looks like the typo is in the screenshot, so it might take a couple more steps to fix, but I will make sure I fix it! Thank you for writing in about this—genuinely very appreciated.