Tutorial broken?

Hi, I’m trying to take the 5-min Retool tutorial, but I keep getting stuck on the step where you need to write a SQL query. It won’t let me pass that step: https://www.loom.com/share/4b9e01b80c4d46078f81490d4c44b434

Hey @mbusel! Welcome to the Retool forum and thanks for posting.

So sorry you are running into this issue. I’ve been able to reproduce it as well and we’ll get right on fixing it first thing Monday morning. Will post here once we squash the bug!

Thank you!

Hey @mbusel!

This actually has to do with organizations which were created a short while ago (>5 months or so) and the changes that we made with how new SQL resources are created: https://docs.retool.com/docs/sql-resource-creation-changes

Long story short- I just generated a new-style onboarding_db for you and the tutorial should work now! You might need to select “onboarding_db” from the resource dropdown there, but things should autocomplete and proceed correctly for you now!

Awesome - it worked! Thank you

I am having the same issue as mbusel described.

When I arrive at step 3 and follow the instructions, there is no prompt for step 4. If I choose “Do it for me” I get the same result as doing it myself. The “Save and Run” button is activated now, but there’s no prompt for the next step, even if I click the “Save and Run” button.

Completing step 3:

In the response to mbusel, I see

I see “onboarding_db (readonlyl) (postfresql)” and "onboarding_db (edit) (postfresql), but selecting either produces the same result; the tutorial doesn’t move forward form this step.

Am I doing something wrong?