Trigger a JS query from a Table row button issue (if sorted)

Hello there,

Trying to do something trivial but maybe there's something I'm missing.

In a default App, adding a new column in the table with a Button, to trigger a JS Query to do some row-specific manipulation, let's say, delete the row item.

In the JS Query, I can use i to get the props from the, such as:

let item =[i]

Using also table1.displayedData or table1.displayedDataIndices still no luck.

The problem is that if the table is sorted manually by the user, the i refers always to the original version of the list, therefore I cannot get the right id of the row the button belongs to.

Where am I getting lost?

Hi @abusedmedia Unfortunately, this is a bug that our team needs to ship a fix for :disappointed:

There's a related convo about this here