Transactions in the same data source

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At our company, we frequently use Retool to create projects for our clients. With Retool continuously introducing new features, its capabilities now extend far beyond just building a basic admin tool. We are now building complete digital platforms with some more complex use cases.

In these complex scenarios, we sometimes need to execute 7 or 8 queries in a row (on the same data source). This poses a risk of data inconsistency if something goes wrong. A solution is setting up a backend that supports transactional operations:

Open transaction

- Execute Query 1
- Execute Query 2
- Execute Query 3
- ...
Close transaction

We could then access this through an API. While this is a viable solution, it implies moving away from "low code" solutions and reverting to more traditional "high code" approaches for certain aspects.

I'm keen to learn about how others in the community handle such situations. I'd also be interested in hearing from @Retool regarding any plans to incorporate transactional capabilities in their roadmap.

Thank you in advance for your insights!

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Hi @Dennis_De_Reyer Linking a related discussion here! I'm not aware of any upcoming projects on our roadmap to address this use case

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I have similar needs, one of my query has multiple steps

  1. upload files
  2. delete files
  3. upsert form data base on 1,2
  4. upsert another form based on 1,2,3

"high code" is a bit out of my reach, and I didn't even know SQL prior to using Retool, let long transactions

Would love to hear some ideas or directions from more seasoned devs