Time zone in SQL queries

I have multiple queries that log the time a datapoint is created, and I need to sort them by day. The default time zone seems to be UTC, which is not great for measuring daily statistics for something in the USA. How can I convert the time zone to PST/PDT? Is it something I'll have to put into each query individually or is there a way to set PST/PDT as the default?

Hi @maxmeyer ! Sorry for the late reply.

You can use moment to construct times. For example, to get the ISO String of the time in PST, you can use the .tz method on a Moment object.

{{ moment().tz('PST').toISOString() }}

Now, if you want to make this the default, you can try using this function that Moment exposes: Default time zone - momentjs.com

I would recommend adding this line to your "Scripts" (in this case I've specified EST).

After you configure this, you should be able to use {{ moment().toISOString() }} and it will have the timezone that you chose.