This is obnoxious. How do I delete my account?

I signed up to this to check it out. Looks great for some usages but it's not for me. Now there's nowhere I can see to remove my account. I've looked through these forums and found multiple posts of people asking for their accounts to be deleted. Why on earth can't there just be a "Delete Account" button somewhere? Seems the only way is to have to create yet another account for these forums, linking myself further to you, in order to post a request to have my Retool account deleted.

This kind of "easy to join, hard to leave" thing puts a really bad taste in my mouth and my "this looks great" is now a lot more like "this looks very suspicious and I don't want to have anything to do with it".

Please delete my account completely and remove all traces of me in any of your systems -- the retool platform and these forums.

Thank you.
My email address for both accounts is

Hey @no-one!
Yes, you can follow the steps here in our documentation.