The Ask AI is not working properly

  1. I cannot scroll down to see the AI recommended code.
    2.When I accept the AI recommendation, it cuts off the last 30ish rows of code.

Hi @Beau_Lochridge Thanks for reporting this! I see what you mean about not being able to scroll to see the full recommended code :thinking: I'll flag this bug to our team

For the second issue, I haven't been able to reproduce it. Are you still seeing this issue? If so, would you mind sharing the prompt you're using and what is the resource type? I tested with Retool Database and was able to generate a 55 line query - once I accept, I'm able to scroll to see the full query

I just tried to reproduce this error and could not. It was happening with Postgress, but is no longer an issue.

Glad it's not happening anymore! I'll follow up when I hear back about adding a scroll to preview the full recommended code

Just tagging in here,

I have also had some issues with the AI, but mostly with it disappearing as an option-- even though the AI has never been disabled or after toggling.

After about 30 minutes the AI icon will show up again and allow me to ask questions or suggestions.

Hmm, thanks for flagging :thinking: I'll look into that as well!