The app builder when deleting an item Freeze

  • Goal: To Delete items in my app builder without waiting 20 ish seconds

  • Steps: The app builder is only lagging on deleting items. Almost on each delete my windows page pops up to either exit or wait to page unresponsive. i will wait and it comes back. but not sure what is the deal with deleting items and it lagging so much. It is only in my one app.

Hi @PadenM, that's really strange that it lags only on deleting items.

I've seen this behavior when my app has a lot of data (although the whole app starts to lag) and I've found that limiting results of my queries just for the time I'm building helps speed up things. Although when the app builder starts to become slow I take it as a sign that my app may also be slow.

Have you always had this problem or is it a recent thing?

The app is small but there is a module in side it that is larger. The app works smoothly not laggy really. The performance section shows it as a 0%. I'll mess with it to see if it's just the size causing the issue

@PadenM by item do you mean frontend component? Or deleting from a DB via a query?

This is odd as both actions shouldn't cause that much of a lag spike. Let me know if your messing around was able to change or improve anything.

What version of the app are you running? It might need to be updated potentially.

The levels of complexity of an app is likely the most important factor to the speed of editing/saving apps. But there is a chance the servers could have been lagging due to high throughput/bandwidth use. Let me know if things have improved!

Both frontend components and deleting queries and any item in my code section, such as deleting a query or a transformer.

It is still slow, the verison shows as 3.61.0

i have a heavy module in side the app but the app itself i think is fairly light. i did some tests of just adding a text component to the app and then deleting it and it took about 7 seconds to delete.

Hi @PadenM,

That is very odd behavior. Is your org on the cloud or self hosted?

If you can join our office hours on Tuesday/Thursday we might be able to help more in terms of live trouble shooting to get to the bottom of why things are slow.

It definitely should not be taking that long to delete, it is hard to trouble shoot on the forum as there are many variables. More info on office hours here.