Activate Search Term on a Table

I got a multipage app, where my users switch between apps. I'm trying to use localStorage to store search values / filter values.

This works fine when I'm using the setFilterStack function to set the Filters, but if I try to fill the 'Search Filter' the data is appearing in the search field (InputField), but the Filter is only activated the moment I change the value again. Is there a way to trigger the search?

Hi @Ronaldvm

Thanks for reaching out, if you're using the search functionality in the table like the below screenshot, we don't have a method for triggering the search

If I set the textInput default value to be equal to some localStorage value, any time I run an event in the app to update the local storage value to be something different, the search will change & the table will update. Keep in mind that if you change the localStorage value in a different app, you'll need to refresh other apps that use the localStorage value to see the new value.

Is this similar to your set up? If so, can you share more info about where it is not working well? Thanks!

The problem was a matter of Timing, the data which has to be filtered was not yet returned by the database. So the text field was filled, but the data to be filtered not yet.

So now I add the searchterm on Success with a bit of extra delay, this works out!

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Ah interesting! Thanks for sharing your current solution