Tags on users and groups

Being able to add tags to users and groups would allow us to implement sort of "feature flags".
Right now we are using groups but we may ends up with bunch of them.

I see the usage in apps as follow:

{{ current_user.tags.includes("featureA") }}

Exemple use case:

  • userA has tag "foo"
  • groupB has tag "bar"
  • userA is member of groupB

current_user.tags should equals ["foo", "bar"]

You could add something like this into your applications by creating a Module.

It would be a custom solution and you would have to manage the relationship between users and groups in Retool with the tags.

Theoretically this would look something like:

  1. Create an App that manages the relationship between users/groups and tags (this is just a generic app where the data would be in some resource you managed)
  2. Create a Module and in that module add a JS Query that looks at the current user and their groups and builds Temporary State (or local storage) variables that can then be referenced in other apps

Just include your module in each of the apps that you would like to utilize the tag features.

Unfortunately, modules are not available yet on mobile native

Are you building a single Retool App? If so, then you could utilize the same approach inside your single app. I only mentioned Modules because its the easiest way to create a centralized set of code to include in multiple Retool Apps.

Just got informed of a feature coming next week that would fit that need for the native part :nerd:

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