Tags format for table column makes entire column blank

I have a table in the Retool Database that has a column that is populated by a form with a multi-select dropdown component, and in the Retool Database the column is formatted as a string that looks like this: ["item1","item2","item3"]. I want to display these three items as three tags in the column of the table that I have, but when I select the "tags" format for this column it makes the entire column blank. If I select string or tag, then it will display the whole list as one string or one item and includes the brackets and quotes. What do I need to do to get the tags format to work?

is your data formatted like this?
"["Item1", "Item2", "Item3"]"

There are no quotes around the brackets and no spaces between the items in the list, if that makes any difference. I didn't change anything about how it was put into the Retool Database either. It's the value of a multiselect component being put directly into a string column in the database.

store your multiselect values in a JSON column, thats it

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Yes, that's the solution. Thanks!

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