Tag completion issue in SQL Queries



We are facing tag completion issue when running SQL queries (quering Retool DB).
For a query like:

SELECT * FROM <table_name> {{ selectList.value ? 'where <col_name> =' + selectList.value + ';' : ";"}} 

The tag {{ ... }} seems to be replaced by "$1" and is then injected in the query sent to the db resulting in an SQL Error : " syntax error at or near "$1".

It is a critical issue. Our app is down.

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Problem solved setting this parameter in config.

Error message & parameter description are quite shady... Could be nice to improve them to help debugging.

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Thank you so much for posting the fix! It's really helpful for other users that might be running into the same issue. I agree that our error message should be more helpful. I passed this along to the team that works on our resource connections, so hopefully we improve this experience soon.