Need query trigger on tabbed container change

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You know how selection dropdowns have that handy option where you can designate which query to run when you select something? Like this...

I need to have that same thing for switching tabs instead of switching a selection in a dropdown. It's sadly missing:

  1. I'd like to request this as a feature (doing that here)
  2. I need a workaround for now (while y'all add that feature for some later date). If you have a suggestion for that, help me out here: How can I trigger a query on tabbed container change?


Hey there! There is another feature request here: that includes some temporary workaround options as well!

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You can now add an event handler on the Tabbed container to run a query when switching tabs! Also, if you only want to run it for specific tabs, you can add an "only run when" condition.