Table sort issue: 0 before negative number

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a table, with data of [{k: 'a', v: 0},{k: 'b', v: 1},{k: 'c', v: -1}]
  2. Set v column type to Number.
  3. Click sort ascending on table, 0 will be placed before -1 like below

This bug happens only when I set v to Number.

Hey @hiep95!

This looks similar to the bug described here. Our devs are still investigating and we'll post an update in that thread when there's a fix. In the meantime, you might also try using a similar workaround. The number column displays more decimal places that the currency column by default so you might try using something like {{ self || 0.0001 }} instead of {{ self || 0.001 }} - the basic idea being to pass a decimal value small enough to render as 0 in the table.

Let us know if that works!

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Thanks for referring that. Although that workaround works for now, but since that issue is created 4-5 months ago, I think this bug should be fixed soon.