table.displayedData contains same data as table.table

I have table2 that uses table1 as a data source.
In table2, I have hidden multiple columns and renamed the column titles
I would expect table2.displayedData to only contain the visible columns with their renamed titles.

Instead, table2.displayedData contains all of same data as

Hi @sgallese, I think that is correct and it’s a result of some changes between older versions of retool and not wanting to break any existing apps by modifying/removing the property. We are working on a feature now that may change the property to reflect the visible and calculated columns with their mappers, but we need to be sure it won’t cause issues for existing setups. I’ll add in this post as a note on that project and update here as we work on it.


Hi @alex-w - I am still seeing this same issue... any updates?

Instead, table2.displayedData contains all of same data as

Hey @finedesignz

You can expect there to be a property that accurately reflects what gets displayed in the Table v2 component! We currently don't have a set timeline for its release but it is one of our developers' top priorities.