Table column currency as a function

Hi! When I define that a column of a table is going to be of currency type, I would like that the currency code depends on a variable that's living in the environment (for instance, something coming from a selector or a query). When I try doing it, it doesn't recognize the object I am referencing. Is there any workaround this issue?

Thanks in advance

Maybe something in the video contained in this post might help, but it would be helpful to have more context if you post screenshots highlighting what you are trying to do.

Check this out:

Hey @felipe-topsort,

You're right. The Currency Code input doesn't have access to other components. Not sure if this is a bug or intentional.

So when you have a column in a table and go to see its attributes, you can choose it to be of type currency:

If you want the currency code to be a function of a selector for instance, it won't recognize it:

That essentially forces a column to have a definite currency code.