Table based on selected row of another table via multiple incremental filter

Hi there, I am trying to develop a dashboard that will show data from different resources based on different keyID from different table. What would be the best practice to avoid having filter and things all over the place?

My first table show all the users. When I select a user, I have the relevant data on this user.

Including the user Id 1. This user Id 1 allows me to look on another data, and filtering with the user Id 1 and the Meta key "user_profile_id" I can access a Meta value that is in fact another user Id 2.

With the user Id 2 I can filter another table

and filter using the Post ID I called previously user Id2 (or 11604) on the above picture.

From there, I am trying to show all the available data with education and work_experience and ideally to structure and present it properly.

I have been trying a few filtering option without success, and I may achieve what I want with some of the retool filter option, but I am not sure if there is a best practice or Retool recommendation to handle this type of issues.

I am literally extracting data from a database : see below the resources

Hey @Wileo! It seems to me there are two ways to handle this. The best implementation likely depends on the constraints of the resource itself.

Path #1:
Continue as you have, requesting all the data up front and filter the data on the frontend using table filters, transformers, etc. This is likely the best option if your REST API endpoints don't allow additional parameters for narrowing the results, the total data returned by each query is not huge, or the request to the API endpoint has a significant response time back to Retool.

Path #2:
Trigger and re-trigger, each API request sequentially upon selections in the app. If the API endpoints allow you to send parameters to filter the response on the server, you aren't worried about rate limits, and the requests respond in a timely manner, this might be a good option. You'll have to do less complicated transformation / filtering of the data in Retool and can display the results as they come in.

As noted, each has it's own pros and cons depending on the resource. Happy to help you through any issues you are experiencing trying to make either one work.