Support JS Template Literals

I do a lot of templating for my app, and not having JavaScript's template literals feature ( is a huge pain. For example, formatting an address for me looks like this:

address.streetAddress + 
    (address.line2 ? ' ' + address.line2 : '') + 
    ', ' + + 
    ', ' + address.state + 
    ' ' +

When it could look like:

`${address.streetAddress}${address.line2 ? ` ${address.line2} : ''}, ${}, ${address.state} ${}`;

Hi @danrschlosser!

It looks like this works in a JS query, but perhaps not everywhere. Where are you writing your address formatting code?

Transformers and in the value for a text input is most common for me! I usually am doing templating when building a string to show a user, which is usually not in JS queries unfortunately.

Noted! Thank you for writing in with this request 🙏

Any update on support for template literals within transformers?

Hey @hanni! I just went to test and it looks like it's working for me in a JS transformer! How do things look on your end?

Thanks, looks like I just needed to add the spaces in there between the template variable brackets and retool variable brackets.