Support for embedding a "modify it to your needs" button on the embedded iframe

Hi! I am currently working on a dashboard that uses the product of my company (an API) as a showcase/demo of what can be done using our API and some intuitive tools, and I would really love to give that dashboard to our potential users for them to use or adapt for their needs. For this to happen, right now I would have to export the dashboard as a JSON file, pass that JSON file to our users and then ask them to import the JSON file into their ReTool accounts. What I would really love to do would be to include a button on the embedded iframe (for example) that would read something like "try it yourself" or "modify it to your needs", which would redirect my users to ReTool, to a cloned project of the one I display on my web application. That way, I could allow users to try the dashboard I designed using our API (directly from my web application) and also let their imagination run wild using our API and the amazing tools ReTool has built, with the original dashboard as a template.