Support dynamodb tablename for staging

Please support using dynamodb tablename as stagging configuration

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Hey @sebasortizdev and welcome to the forum! Could you share a bit more detail about what you’re looking for and what your use case is?

Hi @justin ,

Absolutely, this is not an easy way to seperate between staging and production for resources of dynamodb, if may be something similar to the s3 where you can set a default bucket in the resource, table for the dynamo, and then in the query it should use the default value, one for stag, other for production. Right now in other to segregate this and use the same queries, we must use another table with the same name in other AZ.


Hi @sebasortizdev,
I use an hidden config field with the default value set to:
{{ retoolContext.environment == 'staging' ? 'dev' : 'prod' }}

And then I use it to build the table name:

Or you can just do the same in the table name:
{{ retoolContext.environment == 'staging' ? 'table-name-for-staging' : 'table-name-for-production' }}

Hope this helps!

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