Dynamodb resources for specific environments

Just started using the self-hosted deploy with a dynamodb single table project and several things about environments are a bit confusing to me. First off, I've read through Using multiple environments and that didn't answer any questions. There doesn't seem to be any way to specify specific tables be used for different environments. If I am using ContactsTable-dev table in the development environment it seems I have to use it in all others for instance. I don't see a way to set table resources dynamically. You also can't set them when setting up a resource.

Also switching between environments seems to make no difference as they all have my latest changes. Maybe I'm missing something.

You are right that we don't yet provide any way to map tables to environments. You can create multiple queries for each table and then create a JS query to fork the logic for which table to call dependent on retoolContext.environment !== "staging"
will that work for you?