Subfolder Creation


We would like the ability to create sub folders within our application folders. I think the reason for this speak for themselves as we as developers tend to organise files/apps/tools into separate folders. For us this is particularly useful because we need to organise particular tools away from the main back office forms. This allows to separate concerns better.

Thank You


Thanks for the request @tim.jones, and welcome to the community! Very reasonable and something we’re definitely thinking about as we work on redesigning the main dashboard.


+1. We need this too!

@justin, any news on this?

Yes please! With our recent efforts to break up larger applications into multiple smaller ones, we're now struggling to keep everything organized in a scalable way. We've been adding prefixes to individual app names, with one folder per project, but individual folders are now getting pretty big. Subfolders would make the organization much easier.

Any update on this?

Hey @franciscosucrecobee, thanks for following up on this. This feature is not yet being worked on by any of our eng teams, but I just bumped the internal request with your +1. I will message back here if there are any updates.



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+1 for this

+1 for this. It would be hard to scale without this feature

+1 here - really is needed for any useful organization of apps

+1 (filler)


Any updates on this? Maybe even a smart folder based on tags would be great, too.

It looks like this is on the road map to be worked on during Q3 of this year. :+1:

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+1. Has this been picked up for development?

+1 Is there any timeline for this ?

Hey folks! This hasn't been picked up yet so no ETA, but we have gotten a lot of requests for it and the dev team is taking another look at it.

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And being able to re-sort / re-order the folders would be great too.

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would love this in 2023 +1

+1 Any plans for 2023? Permission management is hard without this.