Stripe Account Creation (POST v1/Accounts)


I'm trying to create a Stripe custom account and there seems to be some things wrong with the call. There's no option for the Requested Capabilities and the I'm not sure if Settings are being posted correctly.

I may be doing something wrong but I create accounts elsewhere all the time without issue so confirmation would be helpful.



Hey there @steve, and welcome to the community! Are you using our native Stripe integration or doing this through the REST API connector?

Hi Justin and thanks

I was using the native Stripe integration in this case



@steve gotcha. We haven’t updated the Stripe integration recently, so it makes sense that there might have been adjustments we’ve missed. Your best option for now is to use our REST API resource instead and start with the Stripe base URL, use the /accounts endpoint, and include all of these parameters in the JSON body. Here’s a link to our docs that might help.

Let me know if that helps or if you run into any specific problems!

Thanks Justin

I did it that way in the end and put a variable in to switch between the test and prod stripe keys for switching between staging and production.

Got there in the end


Awesome @steve! Let me know if there's anything else I can help with :slight_smile: