Streaming Audit Logs to DataDog

Hi there, the doc says I'm able to Output audit logs to stdout into DataDog. But how do I actually do that? (I'd like to stream audit logs into DataDog.)

Thank you!

View user audit logs

Hey @Yunong_Chen! Are you hitting any particular errors? Each service is going to be different in it's setup, but looks like Datadog has some good docs here.

Hi @joeBumbaca , I'm not hitting any particular error. I wonder how to steam Retool audit logs ( to our DataDog instance (DataDog-hosted) for log ingestion.

For your reference, I opened ticket 75994204213559 for this issue.

On the Retool side you'll have to make sure that the LOG_AUDIT_EVENTS env variable is set to true which will emit all audit log events to standard out. The setup for ingesting those logs in Datadog will be on the Datadog side. Happy to look into any issues that you are hitting when setting this up. Just let us know what you have done, and what errors or issue you are running up against.

@joeBumbaca our Retool instance is not self hosted.

@Yunong_Chen Unfortunately, as stated in our docs, this is only available for self hosted deployments.

Got it. Thank you!

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