SSO/SAML Authentication Failing after Upgrade


Since we upgraded to 3.0.3 our SSO has been failing. We use SAML/AzureAD.

It seems like the assertion URL being passed back to our provider has changed from HTTPS to HTTP, however I've no idea where to set this. As far as I can tell our SSL settings are correct as per documentation and we've not changed them - so unless the upgrade has wiped something out I'm not sure what else to do.

Awaiting help from support on this but thought I'd ask this community to see if you might know why or how to fix it?...

TIA :slight_smile:


After some guidance from support, we figured out the following:

Some key settings were missing from the Environment Variables (docker.env). These have never been changed in the past but clearly became important when 3.0.3 was deployed.

## WAS not set

## WAS  =true

Now fixed.

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Thanks for posting back on this @dcsearle! :bowing_man: Yes, looks like this part from the deployment guide in our docs is important here. Glad this is resolved and if others have the same question they can find guidance here too!