Sql works fine in editor but not in preview

hi all,

iam little bit confused. trying to add the search query in a textinput. in editor the query works fine and shows the right result. when i try in preview mode nothing would be display or searched. this is the query i use:

select * from customers WHERE company_name ilike {{ '%' + textInput1.value + '%' }} OR company_inventory ILIKE {{ '%' + textInput1.value + '%' }}

hopefully andybody have a idea :)) thanks
regards nico

Hi Nico,
Can you share more details please :-)? Ie screenshots, your queries, your data view (and where it pulls from) etc?

of course sure

also in the state view u can see the query works. but the table dont refresh to the new data?

regards and thank you

Hi @NicoB

What is the data source for the table? (i.e. Is the table component populated by the Search query or another query?)